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Alderman Ed Burke Proposes Ban On Horse-Drawn Carriages

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A powerful Alderman is proposing to outlaw Horse-Drawn carriage rides in the City of Chicago, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Finance Committee Chairman Edward Burke says horse-drawn carriage rides have outlived their usefulness in Chicago and the city should simple ban them. He notes New York City's new Mayor Bill de Blasio is talking about a similar step.

Alderman Ed Burke Proposes Ban On Horse-Drawn Carriages

"Because they're a nuisance, they are a traffic hazard, it's cruel to the animals and we should be able to beat New York City to the punch," said Burke.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's first response to the possible ban was half-joking,.

"I consider that part about the modernization of our transportation system," said Emanuel.

But seriously, he says, at first blush he generally supports a ban.

Right now those horses are confined to their stables; the snow-covered carriages idled by conditions which have violated the Chicago ordinance which critics feel isn't tough enough. That ordinance keeps horses off the street if the temperature are below 15 degrees. or above 90, limits them to 6-hour workdays and requires veterinary exams every three months.

"I'm shocked, stunned, and disappointed. We take good care of our horses," said Dan Sampson of Antique Horse and Carriage. "Not a single passenger has been injured not a single pedestrian has been hurt by a horse or carriage.

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