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'Airbnb' Horror Story: Tenant Sublets Condo, Without Owner's Permission

(CBS) -- It can be a little nerve-wracking -- renting out your home to a stranger to make some extra money.

What if that tenant decided to make a little money of his own, and sublet while you're out of town?

CBS 2's Mike Parker reports on a man looking for answers, after it happened to him.

Robert Corwin is a digital artist who lives part-time in California and part-time in a West Town condo.

Recently he came back to Chicago and found a young couple living in the master bedroom. His liquor supply was gone and there was a hookah on the dining room table.

"Your imagination goes crazy. What's been going on? It could be everything from orgies to to drugs," Corwin says.

As he escorted them out, they told him they had rented the room on the website "Airbnb." It's an online service that hooks up worldwide travelers with property owners with extra room to rent.

But Corwin had never listed his property on Airbnb.

So, who did? He believes it was the young man who had been living there, with his permission, renting the second bedroom. Sure enough, he found the listing on the website.

That roommate has now been tossed out. Corwin is now asking Airbnb for help.

The company says: "Airbnb does not own, operate, manage or control accommodations, nor do we verify private contract terms or arbitrate complaints from third parties."

Airbnb, however, says the company is looking into Corwin's claims.

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