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Aikman: 'Offensive Line Has A Chance To Be Good'

(WSCR) It certainly doesn't take a football expert to realize the Bears' offensive line played poorly in New Orleans Sunday, but at least one of those experts still thinks the unit can be good.

FOX Sports' Troy Aikman was the television analyst during the Bears' 30-13 loss to the Saints and witnessed the destruction in person, but he still sees potential.

"I felt going into yesterday's game that that offensive line has a chance to be good. I really do. And I think Mike Tice is excellent. I really think he does a good job," Aikman said on the Mully and Hanley Show Monday.

LISTEN: Troy Aikman on The Mully and Hanley Show


"Gabe Carimi, obviously a young guy, got injured yesterday, but I think there's some real upside with him," the former quarterback continued. "And Roberto Garza in the middle, he's a big guy, big, physical guy. Do you lose Olin Kreutz's leadership? Yeah, I think you do. But I think he helps them there as far as just his pure size. And then across the board in the other spots, losing Lance Louis was a blow. So now all the sudden they are scrambling on the offensive line like they were a year ago, early. And it's unfortunate because that's really where the whole offense gets established initially and now they got some problems there."

Aikman also defended the Bears' wide receivers, but believes they are all being asked to do too much.

"I don't think any of these guys are bad players ... but I think they are all out of position one," he said. "All of their (offensive) players are being asked to be more than they really are."

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