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Aikman: Cutler Should Apologize To Teammates

(WSCR) If anyone is qualified to talk about the actions of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, it's three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Troy Aikman.

After Cutler's actions in last Thursday's game, Aikman said it's quite possible Cutler may have offended more than one of his teammates.

"My guess is he's not going to apologize in front of the team. If he was going to do that my guess is he would have done that yesterday, but I doubt that he did. I don't know what kind of relationship he has with J'Marcus (Webb) and what kind of guy J'Marcus is as to whether or not that it needs to be talked about. You know, I know from experience that we had a particular game one time when I was playing and it was at the end of the game in Philadelphia and the Eagles just rushed three guys. It was the last play of the game and we didn't block it up very good and so I wound up not getting the pass off and was pretty upset about it and voiced my frustration. Not at any one guy. I was just frustrated with the entire group that we weren't able to protect any better than that. I really didn't think much of it. It wasn't a situation where I got in a guy's face or shoved somebody or anything like that, but it was a few years later to where this one particular offensive lineman who felt that I showed him up came to me and wanted to talk about it. So from that experience I would say that whether J'Marcus acknowledges it or not or regardless of what he may or may not say publically, my guess is that's something that probably upset him and may be upset and offended some of the other teammates."

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Aikman explained that Cutler's shove didn't put the quarterback in a very good light on TV.

(On TV) we get a lot of shots of these guys and nothing goes unnoticed," Aikman said. "There's always a camera on the quarterback even when he's not on the field and so there's not anything that can really happen that TV cameras don't catch. You know I understand tempers flare during the course of a game but from the vantage point of watching it in my living room as most fans are doing it didn't look very good."


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