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Adam Toledo Shooting: Slow-Motion Video Of Second Before Teen Was Fatally Shot

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It was literally one second.

In that moment, Adam Toledo turned toward a pursuing Chicago Police officer, who shot him once in the chest.

CBS 2 has slowed down the final second before the fatal shot.

The video shows Toledo standing sideways--his left arm facing the officer and his right side and hand briefly behind the fence where a weapon was discovered.

Toledo Screen Grab
Body camera video footage shows 13-year-old Adam Toledo turning toward a Chicago police officer just seconds before the officer shot and killed the boy on March 29, 2021. (Source: Civilian Office of Police Accountability)

Adam turns counter-clockwise as his right hand comes from behind the fence.  His hands are raised and he is shot.  The flashlight from the officer illuminates Adam's raised hands and it is unclear whether there is a gun in his right hand, as Chicago Police say, or a shadow created by the light. A enhanced video released by Chicago police shows what they say is a gun in Adam's right hand before he made a pivot toward the officer. 

Toledo Gun
A police officer shines a light on the gun apparently tossed by Adam Toledo when he was shot. Toldeo is lying behind the broken part of the fence to the left. (COPA)

Based on the positioning of his right arm, it is possible that Adam dropped the gun behind the fence (where it was found) before turning to face the officer. The Toledo family attorney said Thursday that Adam did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot. 

In real-time, the moment of Adam's turn, to raising his hands, to the shot is one second.

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