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Protesters Marching For Justice For Adam Toledo Say Police Got Aggressive At End Of Friday Night Demonstration In Logan Square

CHICAGO (CBS) -- New information tonight after clashes at a large protest for Adam Toledo on Friday night, when police arrested two people toward the end of the demonstrations in Logan Square.

CBS 2's Steven Graves spoke to one man who was taken into custody the 14th (Shakespeare) District police station.

Anthony McCullom, 20, and another man were charged with misdemeanors. McCullom and a protest organizer said the whole demonstration was peaceful.

They said, as they tried to go home, police got aggressive with protesters.

Video of the demonstration showed a Chicago Police Department squad car going through a crowd at one point. It also showed pushing and shoving between officers and protesters.

It's important to note this was near Mayor Lori Lighfoot's home, but McCullom said, at te time, he and others decided to wrap up the protest.

The demonstration started at 5:30 p.m., and he said by 9:45 pm., when he was taken in, many people were just tired.

"No, we were not trying to make it to the Mayor's home, because I'm telling you, I was 20 feet away from my vehicle. Everybody was going home," McCullom said.

"Not because the protest got out of control, nothing like that. It was simply because they [officers] were upset, because we were protesting something that one of their own did," said Damayanti Wallace, a co-organizer with GoodKids MadCity.

This came after a peaceful gathering of hundreds of protesters in response to an officer shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo. While video shows his hands were raised and empty when he was shot, just seconds earlier it appeared he had a gun in his right hand behind his back.

Protest organizers said they do not want the arrests to overshadow their message of demanding transparency from Chicago Police, and stronger solutions for safer policing.

They said more protests are scheduled throughout the weekend.

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