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Activists Call For Boycott Of CPS Meetings

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Activists fighting the mayor's plan to close more than fifty schools, mostly in black neighborhoods, are urging people to boycott the public meetings being held for the individual schools, reports WBBM's Mike Krauser.

The activists say there is really no point in attending hearings.

Activists Call For Boycott Of CPS Meetings

"Why should we go to a CPS community meeting in which the mayor said it doesn't make any difference," Dwayne Truss, part of the Raise Your Hand group.

Truss continues to accuse Emanuel of racism, describing the school closings plan as "This blatant, racist proposal."

Truss' wife, Cata, circulated petitions for the mayor's election bid, and now she says, "I don't care if Bozo the Clown runs against Rahm Emanuel, I will be out with every fiber in me campaigning against him."

29th Ward Alderman Alderman Deborah Graham was at the meeting, but wasn't taking on the mayor.

When asked if she believes the mayor is ramming it down their throats, Graham responded, "I don't really know what his thought was."

As for as being racist, no comment she said.

Those affected by the closures are asking that the mayor listen to their alternative plans before he goes ahead and shuts down schools in neighborhoods that will fall further into blight.

They have no confidence that the kids who would have to go to new schools will be safe as they pass through gang territory and attend schools where different gangs would be sharing classrooms.

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