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Activists Stage Black Friday Protest To Demand Justice For Victims Of Police Misconduct

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Activists staged a Black Friday protest and boycott on the Magnificent Mile to demand justice for Laquan McDonald, Ronald "Ronnieman" Johnson and all victims of police murder.

"What do we want?" "Justice!" "When do we want it?" "Now," the group chanted.

About 100 people gathered at the Old Water Tower protesting mostly the police and demanding civilian oversight of the department.

"The boogeyman is no longer a monster under our children's bed, the boogeyman - they carry a badge and a gun," said Activist Eric Russell.

Their signs targeted the police, the Mayor and the President.

"It is ridiculous that the city of Chicago can find $95-million to build a new swimming pool and shooting range for cops, but we cannot implement what we know will truly bring oversight and accountability to the Chicago Police," said Alderman Carlos Rosa.

Rosa authored a civilian police oversight ordinance that's languished for over a year.

He said he's going to force a vote and had a message for the Mayor and his City Council colleagues.

"Do you stand with the murderer of Laquan McDonald or do you stand with the people that are fighting to make sure that we don't lose another young black life to police violence?"

There was a large police presence in Water Tower Park and at Water Tower Place as the protesters marched across the street, at one point chanting "how many kids did you kill today?"

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