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'A hidden gem': Englewood first 'ag crawl' takes place on Sunday, showcasing urban produce

Englewood first 'ag crawl' takes place on Sunday, showcasing urban produce
Englewood first 'ag crawl' takes place on Sunday, showcasing urban produce 01:59

CHICAGO (CBS) -- You've likely heard of a bar crawl, but what about a "farm" crawl?

It's happening in a part of Chicago you might not expect. As CBS 2's Steven Graves tells us, it's about exposing people to the growing world of urban agriculture. 

Tucked away on a dead-end street, near 71st and Stewart is Cedillo's Fresh Produce.

"Where people can come and get lost from the city in the city. Carrots, beets, radishes."

A place where the sound of the train meets the buzz of insects.

"They're native plants. So this also helps with the ecosystem. And the bees are very happy."

A sight you might not expect in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood.

"A lot of people call this a hidden gem."

But co-founder Dulce Morales said their reach is far and wide.

"Everything that we grow here goes to our local farmers markets that serve the Latino and African-American communities," Morales said.

"It's a food system. And it takes more than one of us."

And there are a lot of urban agriculture efforts, said Janelle St. John of Urban Farm, Growing Home, as she introduces a new community initiative.

An urban ag crawl, as people ride in trollies from one farm to the next.

"We added this element to highlight urban ag. Growing Home is just one of many who are trying to impact the food system in Englwood," St. John said.

This is the first year for the crawl that is also a fundraiser. It's part of an annual BBQ with group Grow Greater Englewood.

The trolley will have six stops around the border of the neighborhood. Morales' farm is one of those stops where people will learn about food. And about farming, even take cooking classes.

It's promoting accessible, affordable, nutritious choices is the goal, in an area where grocery stores have closed and food insecurity lingers.

"I'm here to say investment has to be on every level," St. John said.

"We really are happy to be collaborating with each other," Morales said.

Thinking up new ways to address a community's hunger for healthy options. The Urban Ag Crawl is Sunday September 11th at 2:00 p.m. near 58th and Wood, rain or shine.

Click here for more information on the event and to get tickets. 

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