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A Dog, A Pizza Box And A Stove Spell Disaster In South Elgin

SOUTH ELGIN, Ill. (CBS) – Dogs not only eat your homework – they can also start fires.

That's what South Elgin firefighters learned Monday after a blaze caused $100,000 in damage to a Kane Street home.

Investigators determined the blaze had started in the kitchen, where a burner on the stove had been turned on. When the owner arrived, he had an explanation.

One of the owner's dogs "was notorious for jumping up on the stove and turning on the burners," Fire Department Lt. Todd Erickson tells CBS 2.

The pooch's target Monday had been a pizza box on the stove.

"The dog had jumped up, turned on the stove, lit the box and proceeded to start the cabinets on fire," Erickson says.

The dog and another pet were fine. The Red Cross was on the scene to help family members, who declined to talk with CBS 2.

To avoid similar fires, Erickson recommends oven knob protectors.

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