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A Cancer Survivor's Dream To Climb Mountain Comes True

CHICAGO (CBS) – An update on the cancer survivor who set out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro: He made the attempt along with his doctor. CBS 2 was there as the men reunited for the first time since the trip.

It was a special reunion for cancer survivor Ken Brown and his doctor Malcolm Bilimoria. The last time the two saw each other was three weeks ago, climbing the highest mountain in Africa.

"The beauty of Kilimanjaro is truly indescribable," said Brown.

Dr. Bilimoria says the best part of the adventure was spending time with Ken and watching him realize a dream, after beating pancreatic cancer.

Video from the climb shows Brown all smiles. He's asked how he's feeling. "Pretty good" said Brown. When asked if he was going to make it, Brown replied "I think so."

"I think Ken is a huge inspiration," said Bilimoria. "He's got such a positive attitude about everything."

But on day six, Brown had an irregular heartbeat.

Rather than risk a medical emergency, he decided to come down the mountain. A choice he doesn't regret.

"How great of a story would it have been to have a photograph Malcolm and me at very top," said Brown. "But between you and me, I think it's a better story. It's real life. Not everybody's the world champion."

Dr. Bilimoria and the rest of their group finished the climb. And when they reached the summit ...

"The first thing I saw was this rock sitting right there. And I thought about Ken," said Bilimoria.

So he picked it up and brought it home as a gift for Ken.

"That's yours and I hope you keep it and think about the memories we had together," said Bilimoria.

"I'm going to cherish this." Said Brown with a smile. "I'm getting a little bit emotional just holding it."

A priceless reminder of a dream come true.

Brown said the climb was tough but his sorest muscles were in his cheeks from smiling all the time.

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