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9 Former Patients Of Dr. Van Koinis, Pediatrician Who Committed Suicide, Show They Weren't Vaccinated While They Thought They Were

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Their fears are confirmed – some former patients of Evergreen Park pediatrician Dr. Van Koinis were not vaccinated.

Koinis died by suicide in September. In his suicide note, he suggested his vaccination records might not be accurate.

The note made it clear that Koinis would sign vaccination reports for anti-vax families needing them to get kids in school.

What the suicide note did not share, and what detectives did not know until later, was that Koinis gave bogus vaccines to parents who actually did want their kids vaccinated.

One mother talked with CBS 2's Tye late last month. Her son got 20 vaccines from Dr. Koinis over the years, and last week – and she was present when the doctor administered them.

Last week, she had her son tested. None of the vaccines had received were legitimate.

Nine of Koinis' other former patients have now been tested, and it turns out they were not inoculated like they thought.

Because of those results, the Cook County Sheriff's office said all former patients need to get tested.


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