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Aurora's First Pride Celebration

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's a day some in Aurora call generations in the making.

The community hosted its first Pride parade.

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports most celebrated, but some protested.

The vibrant colors on flags didn't dull in the sweltering heat.

Aurora's first Pride parade route stretched less than a mile through downtown.

But to so many, the distance can't quite be measured.

"It just shows that Aurora has come so far," said Sue Bohr.

Born and raised in Aurora, Bohr and her wife said they wanted to come to witness history.

"It's nice and shady here. It's nice and cool," said Bohr, who added that before Sunday they'd have to drive to Chicago to take part in a celebration of who they are.

"It gives you chills because it's something that you can be a part of that you thought would never happen here," she said.

Thousands lined the parade route cheering on participants, but a handful were not here to do that.

"You are celebrating what god hates," said one protester.

"I don't let them get to me," said Bohr.

"Don't dance your way into hell celebrating what god hates," continued the protester.

About a half-dozen protested the march, handing out leaflets and posting flyers condemning those involved.

For about two hours, 60 floats and groups took to the street, including Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

A first for Aurora, and a milestone for many living there.

Organizers say they're already considering next year's activities. Adding they're hoping to expand events to include not just a parade but a weekend dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

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