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5 Signs That It's Time To Upgrade Your Printer

When starting a business, many entrepreneurs get so focused on what they can offer to clients, they forget to factor in start up costs, including office equipment. They may also fail to account for the fact that office equipment needs to be replaced from time to time, including printers. Although you may think that your business is fine with its old printer, there are many reasons you may want to consider upgrading.


1. You've Hired More Employees

When you start adding employees, it may be time to look into new equipment. Having more employees likely increases wear and tear on the printer, and new models, such as those in Canon's MAXIFY line, have features that help optimize business, including the ability to scan and save to the cloud and print directly from your phone.


2. Your Presentation Materials Look Less Than Sharp

Printing technology has evolved substantially in the past decade, and many smaller models offer much better print quality. If you're regularly making presentations to clients, you may want to consider a new printer to help sharpen your graphics and increase your presentation quality.


3. The Prints Don't Match The Screen

There are usually subtle differences in color between a computer monitor and a printed document, but for the most part, they should look very similar. If your printer is way off on the color, and calibrating isn't fixing the problem, you may want to find a new one. Along with better print quality, newer printers utilize toner more efficiently. Some models offer a high density ink system that that will ensure you'll get consistently better color quality while saving on toner.


4. Print Jobs Take Forever

If you can host a 40 minute conference call while waiting for your document to spool to the printer, you should definitely get a new one. Upgrading hardware and software regularly can create technological glitches, because your old printer may not be compatible with newer programs and features. Before purchasing a new model, be sure to note whether or not there are programs or documents that spool more slowly, so you can find one that is optimized to your needs.


5. You Routinely Print the Same File

If your company uses certain files often, new printers can eliminate unnecessary steps from your day. Some models allow users to save certain printed documents directly to the printer, so you can go make copies directly rather than having to run back to your computer to open a file.


Your company likely upgrades everyday technology, including phones, tablets and computers on a regular basis. Printing technology is improving with these gadgets. For a truly integrated and optimized office, you may consider upgrading your printer.


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