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Resident, 5 Firefighters Suffer Breathing Problems From Bleach Fumes At Scene Of Fire

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Five firefighters and a resident of a South Side home were taken to hospitals today - because of noxious chemicals on the scene of a fire.

The fire started at about 11:15 a.m. at 8104 S. Campbell Av., and appeared to be a furnace fire, according to the Fire Department. The fire was extinguished, but when firefighters went to open windows in the building to ventilate, they discovered chemicals in a bathtub, which caused respiratory distress.

Five firefighters and one civilian were taken to various local hospitals for treatment, according to the Fire Department. All were reported in stable condition.

The 67-year-old homeowner told Newsradio he had put bleach and water into a bathtub to soak overnight so he could clean it.

A fire department spokesman said ammonia was also involved.

The homeowner said he's not sure how much damage was done by the furnace fire.

Another firefighter was hospitalized after hurting his hip during the fire. His condition was also stabilized.

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