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5 Crazy LeBron Tea Leaf-Reading Nuggets

(CBS) As LeBron James leaves free agency frozen and NBA owners, general managers, coaches, players and fans alike waiting impatiently for his big decision, speculation has run rampant online -- specifically Twitter.

Here's some of the best theories and tidbits of information that people are reading into. Perhaps some of it's meaningful, perhaps it's all worthless -- but people need something to talk about.

Cupcake shop predicts LeBron returns home

A cupcake shop in Cleveland claimed to have inside information on James choosing Cleveland. Seriously.

"Just texting with a friend who is directly tied in with Lebron and his camp, and he swears on his life #TheReturn to Cleveland is a done deal," said a post on Caroline's Cupcakes Facebook page.

Exotic moving trucks

There are moving trucks at James' house in Florida. That has to mean he's leaving the Heat, right? Maybe not. It's James' summer custom to ship much of his stuff back to homestate Ohio, where he spends much of his offseason. width="340"

Evaluating behind-the-scenes website code

This sounds like hacking -- or something. But a guy supposedly ran a program on that told him there are web pages without content that nonetheless already feature the color scheme of the Cavaliers.

Phantom Nike billboards

On Tuesday night, rumors spread that Nike was putting up billboards all over the Cleveland area, presumably for James. The rumor spread like crazy -- until it got debunked by reporters who Nike officials, who denied it. We lacked pictures too. And that's important. Because always remember -- "picture or it didn't happen."

Police are at James' house in Ohio

Police are gathering outside James' house in Bath, Ohio. Now, so are Cavalier fans. Rumors swirled police arrived early in anticipation of a celebration. Hey, Cleveland fans, you ever think that the cops may be there to prevent destruction when you all get angry? Just saying, there are two sides to every story.

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