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CTA bus slams into several cars, injuring 5 people on Chicago's South Side

CTA bus, several cars involved in crash on Chicago's South Side
CTA bus, several cars involved in crash on Chicago's South Side 02:06

CHICAGO (CBS) – A CTA bus was involved in a multi-vehicle crash in the Bridgeport neighborhood on the city's South Side Monday morning that sent five people to the hospital.

The CTA said the accident happened near the intersection of 25th Street and Halsted Street. Because of the crash, parts of 35th Street and Halsted Street were closed for some time, and No. 35 buses were also temporarily rerouted.

Surveillance footage showed the bus swerving back and forth, jumping a curb and taking a light pole with it. The bus also hit a tree, bike racks and the side of a building before colliding with several cars.

Chicago police said a total of 11 vehicles were involved in the crash. Five people were hospitalized as a result.

A CTA bus was involved in a multiple-vehicle accident near 35th Street and Halsted on Monday.  CBS 2

"It was pure chaos for a moment. Like smoke everywhere," said Kenan Slade, who witnessed the accident and lives nearby. He said his building shook when it appeared the light pole hit his fire escape.

Videos posted on the Citizen app showed the aftermath of the crash with multiple vehicles, some with significant damage, along Halsted just north of 35th Street. That included one Volkswagen with one of its rear tires propped up on the curb. Several pieces of debris were also scattered on the street.

A CTA bus was also seen right next to another car it appeared to have hit. The bus also hit a building and damaged its facade. Slade, who lives in the building, said the impact shook the building and woke his neighbor.

Chicago city bus slams into building, several cars causing serious damage 02:09

Glass littered the ground and city workers had to remove what looked like pieces of the light pole from the top of the bus.

The videos also showed at least one person who appeared to be hurt and was being attended to by two other individuals.

A witness told CBS 2 the driver of the CTA bus was talking with police after the collision.

It was unclear what the cause of the crash was, and authorities did not say how many people were injured.

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