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32 Victims File New Lawsuits Against Sterigenics

CHICAGO (CBS)--Victims have filed 32 new lawsuits against Sterigenics for exposure to the cancer causing chemical exthylene oxide.

Six victims addressed the media on Tuesday to share their stories.

Colleen Haller, the widow of Matt Haller, spoke about her husband's battle with cancer. She has been a Willowbrook resident for 11 years and is raising her 4-year-old son.

Matt, 45, died in March from stomach cancer. He was concerned a chemical emitted from a local company may have been to blame. A new Illinois law cracking down on cancer-causing emissions is being called the toughest in the nation.

The Matt Haller Act requires facilities to limit ethylene oxide emissions by 99.9%. Companies must also undergo annual air tests. Those that fail must cease operations immediately.

Colleen said she wants to fight against the company and hold them responsible.

Among the victims filing new lawsuits is Jana Conev, who endured six sessions of chemotherapy and now suffers extreme side effects and anxiety.

She said no one in her family had breast cancer and blames her exposure to ethylene oxide emissions. Her husband also was diagnosed with cancer that has recently spread.

"I want Sterigenics out," Conev said.

Patrick Salvi II, an attorney represnting the individuals filing new lawsuits, addressed the media Tuesday and said the lawsuits are aiming to hold Sterigenics accountable.

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