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Students At Wheaton School Hospitalized After Gas Leak, Power Outage

(CBS) -- Nearly 40 students at Edison Middle School received medical treatment after a power outage and gas leak occurred simultaneously shortly after noon on Monday.

According to a Wheaton-Warrenville district spokesman, there was a small gas leak in the school and then an unrelated power outage that caused a burning odor throughout the school.

More than two dozen students were sent to the hospital and about 10 others received treatment at the school. The students had symptoms of light-headedness and mild nausea. Seventeen were sent to be treated at Central DuPage Hospital, where some have been discharged with the others expected to leave the hospital by Monday evening.

Fire Chief Bill Schultz says there were no serious injuries, mostly "lightheadedness and some headaches" among the victims.

The school was evacuated but students not receiving treatment were allowed back into class.

School ends for summer break in Wheaton on June 10.

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