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2 Investigators: Cook Allegedly Hides Camera In Restaurant Bathroom

(CBS) -- You may be a crime victim and not know it.

Naperville police want to talk to anyone who may have used the woman's bathroom at a particular Naperville restaurant.

CBS 2's Dave Savini reports.

Inside a Naperville Taco Fresco restaurant, a cook allegedly set up a camera phone and secretly recorded women as they used the bathroom, police say.

Shannon Sutton and Christine Roberts work next door and have eaten at the restaurant.

Both say they recognize the accused cook, Meliton Andrade.

"It's absolutely disgusting and humiliating to know that was going on," said Shannon Sutton. "I think it's disgusting and he should have to pay for what he did to people."

Naperville Police Sgt. Lou Cammiso says they are not exactly sure just how many women may have been captured on the hidden camera phone. But they say they are interested in hearing from any women who may have used the restaurant's bathroom.

Cammiso tells CBS 2 Andrade worked at the restaurant for several months, this year, before a female customer spotting the camera phone running.

"She was using the restroom and she observed a canvas cover underneath the sink with a hole in it," Cammiso says.

Police executed a search warrant of Andrade's Woodridge apartment. He is out on bond, and CBS 2 tried unsuccessfully to track him down.

Police are completing a forensic investigation of several phones and a computer they confiscated from his apartment. Aside from women, teenage girls and children could be potential victims, too.

"Women bring their children in the bathroom all the time," Shannon Sutton says.

No one at Taco Fresco offered comment on the allegations.

Naperville Police want to hear from anyone who may have been a victim of this recording.

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