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Residents In West Town Concerned After 19 Armed Robberies And Carjackings Within Weeks Of Each Other

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Residents are concerned over a string of robberies and carjackings that occurred over three weeks in areas including Bucktown, Wicker Park, and Logan Square.

CBS 2's Tara Molina takes a closer look at the attacks in the areas that have been targeted for weeks.

By carjackers and now armed robbers. The warning from Chicago Police is related to a specific group they believe are behind the robbery early Thursday morning and at least 18 others.

That's right -- 19 of these crimes less than a month.

The scene early Thursday morning, the latest in a full-on crime spree in this area the man targeted was pistol whipped in the face and carjacked after being surrounded by three people in masks.

It marks 19 armed robberies, some carjackings, in this area since Oct. 11, according to police.

We mapped them all out so you can see the spread for yourself.

They've happened at all hours and according to police, involve seven offenders who, in most cases, approach their victim with a black handgun, sometimes with a green laser on it, announcing a robbery and demanding info including pin numbers needed to use their stolen phones and debit cards.

In two other recent incidents, one on North Bosworth and the other on North Milwaukee, more victims were pistol whipped.

On North Bosworth the victim was carjacked. Days later, and one day after another victim was pistol whipped, on North Milwaukee, a victim was robbed at gunpoint. Police tried to track the two behind it, but had to stop.

The crew behind it, robbed a woman at gun point, in pouring rain on West Race, firing a round into the air after robbing her. She wasn't hurt.

Now, no one is in custody in connection to this spree. In their warning, Chicago Police wrote in all caps "Do Not Resist." Not leaving people in areas like this one with the best feeling about the recent crimes. They are looking for the best moves that way they won't find themselves in a similar situation.

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