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10 Ways To Spend The Powerball Jackpot

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Powerball Jackpot is over a half a BILLION dollars.

$600 million to be exact--or about $263 million if you take a lump sum payout after taxes.

So what could you buy for that money?

1) Two top-of-the-line Boeing 737 jets, with about $50 million left over for fuel and maintenance.

2) Not only could you buy the most expensive real estate listing in Chicago--the 14,260-square-foot unit at top of the Trump Tower takes that honor at $32 million--you could buy all 10 of the most expensive homes in Chicago. And you would still have at least $150 million to furnish and maintain them.

3) You could do Rahm Emanuel a solid and build his proposed $173 million sports and convention arena for McCormick Place.

4)And then toss Tom Rickets a bone and help him with is Jumbotron and some of other plans for spiffing up Wrigley Field. Maybe he'd give you a luxury suite above home plate and keep the team in the city, too.

5) Solve the Illinois pension crisis. Oh, no, wait, never mind. You would need $100 billion to fix that. Better to leave that one to the experts in Springfield.

6) Buy about 3 million hot dog/pizza gift packages from a famous local restaurant, which we aren't naming, because who would really do that anyway? (There would have to be something in it for the greater good ... see below)

7) Purchase the Charlotte Bobcats from Michael Jordan. Forbes values the team at $315 million, so you would have to find a rich friend to make up the difference.

8) Buy about 17,333,333 boxes of Frango mints from Macy's but insist they change their name back to Marshall Field's

9) Buy out the floors that Willis is leasing at the Willis Tower and change the name back to the Sears Tower.

10) We are out of ideas. So, it's your turn. What would you do? Use the comments section below.

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