Full Episodes

  • Kristen's Secret

    Kristen's Secret

    A former middle school athlete kept quiet about years of abuse by a trusted coach. Can she now get the woman to admit to her crimes?

  • The Hit

    The Hit

    Why was a colorful entrepreneur with powerful friends blown up in his car? His ex-wife speaks out for the first time to "48 Hours"' Peter Van Sant.

  • Mommy Dearest

    Mommy Dearest

    A father and son shot nearly 20 years apart with the same gun. Did a mother fire the shots?

  • Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost

    A Costa Rican paradise turns into a house of horror. How did a Wall Street millionaire end up shot dead in his bedroom?

  • A Raging Son

    A Raging Son

    A Weight Watchers executive is murdered by her Wall Street lawyer boyfriend. Did his mother’s neglect 30 years ago push him to kill? Troy Roberts investigates.

  • Loved to Death

    Loved to Death

    A popular teen couple, an intense breakup -- she's dead. Ever hear of breakup violence?

  • Death at Cottonwood Creek

    Death at Cottonwood Creek

    Did a loving wife slip and fall off a cliff while posing for a snapshot or did her husband want more than a good picture?

  • Lina's Heart

    Lina's Heart

    A beautiful wife is suddenly dead. Would a twin really know if his brother was a killer?

  • "Three Days in September"

    "Three Days in September"

    Julia Roberts narrates this gripping account of the 2004 hostage crisis 10 years ago in the small Russian town of Beslan, where Chechen terrorists seized a school and killed over 330 innocent ...

  • Spies, Lies & Secrets

    Spies, Lies & Secrets

    "48 Hours" Presents: A mother battles to prove her son died an American hero

  • The Blue River Murder

    The Blue River Murder

    A mother of three is found dead. She had secrets -- did she name her own killer?

  • Fateful Connection

    Fateful Connection

    A detective is haunted by the case of two women missing for 30 years – now she’s hot on the trail of a killer

  • Secrets of the River

    Secrets of the River

    A high school dancer and aspiring model is found dead. Did the killer videotape the murder? Peter Van Sant reports.

  • Walking Free

    Walking Free

    Three murders, three trials, 13 years of reporting by "48 Hours" and a husband and father walks free

  • The Preacher's Passion

    The Preacher's Passion

    An actress is dead and her preacher boyfriend prays for answers. Maureen Maher reports.

  • The Last Confession

    The Last Confession

    A beauty queen is found murdered. The prime suspect -- the priest who heard her confession. Richard Schlesinger investigates.