February 22, 2015

Thank you, Bob

Bob Simon never said no to an interview with 60 Minutes Overtime. Some of it made air. A lot didn't. Most of the time, it was just Bob being Bob...

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  • Colleagues remember Bob Simon

    Almost everyone has a story about Bob, and the hallways and offices of 60 Minutes have been overflowing with them since he died

    • A short history of the "stand-up" with Bob Simon

      Simon was a master of the "correspondent stand-up" in his news reports and 60 Minutes stories. Here's a compilation, dating back to the 1970s.

      • From the archives

        More from Bob Simon
      • The Shame of Srebrenica

        In 1999, Bob Simon went back to the scene of the massacre and then to Holland to speak with the Dutch soldiers who stood by and watched as it happened

        • The Sea Gypsies

          They call it the "wave that eats people," but the deadly 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia spared the Moken, a nomadic tribe living on islands in the Andaman Sea. As Bob Simon reports, these remarkable survivors heeded the earliest signs of disaster and fled to higher ground.

          • Be Good, Smile Pretty

            Tracy Tragos never knew her father who was killed in the Vietnam War. Then, an accidental discovery launched a life-changing project

            • The Other Iraq

              Bob Simon reports from Kurdistan, a peaceful region in the northeast corner of Iraq, which has its own regional government, security forces, and flag

              • The Jeff Bezos of 1999: Nerd of the Amazon

                60 Minutes' Bob Simon remembers his 1999 interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

                • The Pope and his Jewish maestro

                  How an unlikely friendship between Pope John Paul II and a "nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn" helped changed relations between Jews and Christians forever

                  • Argentina's "dirty war"

                    Bob Simon reports on the disappearance of "enemies of the state," including pregnant women, during the 1970s and 80s

                    • Elian

                      At age 6, Elian Gonzalez became the center of an epic custody battle between the U.S. and Cuba. At 11, Elian spoke out for the first time, telling Bob Simon about his memories of that period, his current life in Cuba and his relationship with Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

                      • The Orphanage

                        There's an orphanage in Kenya like no other: a home for baby elephants whose mothers were killed by poachers. As Bob Simon reports, Dame Daphne Sheldrick and her staff act like surrogate parents, caring for the calves until they're strong enough to go back to the wild.

                        • An Island of Sanity

                          Founded decades years before the State of Israel, Jerusalem's Hadassah Medical Center is a rare oasis where politics and ethnicity are left at the door. As Bob Simon reports, Arabs and Jews work side by side to treat both Arab and Jewish victims of violence.

                          • The Lost Boys

                            Bob Simon first met the Lost Boys in a Kenyan refugee camp in 2001 after they had fled civil war in the Sudan. Some of the young men were relocated to the U.S. -- how are they doing now?