/ July 20, 2014

An opera for Broadway-lovers

Director Michael Mayer adds Broadway flair to the Metropolitan Opera's production of "Rigoletto"


/ July 27, 2014

Anderson Cooper: Why I went diving with crocs

Has Anderson Cooper gone mad? That was our reaction after watching Cooper on 60 Minutes diving with deadly crocs in underwater caves


/ July 27, 2014

The secret to career success? Enthusiasm

In 1980, Morley Safer traveled to Dallas to uncover the multimillion-dollar industry that was making people richer, better, and happier

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    The final gifts that a mother and father gave their 14-year-old Jewish daughter as she boarded a train to escape the Nazis

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      Liam Neeson and Anderson Cooper have a heart-to-heart about living with grief after the death of a loved one. Not your usual entertainment interview.