/ December 14, 2014

The newly mindful Anderson Cooper

On a mindfulness retreat, Anderson Cooper puts down the microphone and learns to love silence, as well as life without a cell phone


/ December 17, 2014

Stephen Colbert: The 60 Minutes interview

Watch a 2006 interview with political satirist Stephen Colbert as he details what inspired his character


/ December 14, 2014

Raw reporting from the Syrian civil war

Bob Simon, accustomed to being on the front lines, tells the story of a brutal civil war through the eyes of filmmakers inside Syria

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    "Enhanced interrogation" - the subject of today's Senate report and part of this 60 Minutes interview with a former CIA director, George Tenet

    • The billionaire shaking up the world of cancer

      Patrick Soon-Shiong: An owner of the L.A. Lakers, friend of Kobe Bryant, and a doctor who's shaking up the world of cancer