/ November 23, 2014

The politics of infrastructure

Steve Kroft takes a close look into the nation's crumbling infrastructure and why it's a political "hot potato"


/ November 23, 2014

Diving deep for the forgotten

Anderson Cooper dives into sacred waters and learns how one organization helps some families find closure


/ November 23, 2014

Chernobyl's "invisible" danger

Bob Simon visits Chernobyl 28 years after the nuclear meltdown and finds out why this ghost town is still dangerous

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  • Mike Nichols remembered

    In 1996, director Mike Nichols tells Lesley Stahl what it takes to create iconic films like "The Graduate." Nichols died Wednesday at age 83

    • On the set of "Homeland" with Mandy Patinkin

      Bob Simon and the 60 Minutes team visit actor Mandy Patinkin on location in South Africa and find out what makes the hit show come to life