/ September 25, 2014

Iraqi cleric al-Sadr re-emerges

After the fall of Baghdad, 60 Minutes introduced this powerful cleric to the American public with his first televised interview


/ September 28, 2014

Alibaba founder Jack Ma and his eccentricities

Lara Logan tells 60 Minutes Overtime about Jack Ma's rise from poverty to billionaire -- and the joy he gets from performing for his employees


/ September 28, 2014

Obama on 60 Minutes: Extra excerpts

Steve Kroft interviews President Obama on 60 Minutes about ISIS, Syria, the Ebola virus, and Ukraine

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  • Time lapse of 60 Minutes at the White House

    Watch a time lapse video of "60 Minutes" producers and crew as they set up before Steve Kroft's White House interview with President Obama

    • Reporting on ISIS: Producers' video diaries

      60 Minutes producers shoot video diaries from the front lines in northern Iraq on assignment with Scott Pelley