/ March 01, 2015

From the archives: Seinfeld on 60 Minutes

In 1997, Jerry Seinfeld tells 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft: "The fact that I bet on myself and didn't lose is a pretty deep reward"


/ March 01, 2015

Charlie Rose challenges Larry David

The funniest moments during a sparring match between comedian and correspondent. Charlie Rose talks about his interview with Larry David


/ March 02, 2015

Outtakes from the Larry David interview

Larry David on therapy, nightmares, money, flunking out of Hebrew school and more

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  • Thank you, Bob

    Bob Simon never said no to an interview with 60 Minutes Overtime. Some of it made air. A lot didn't. Most of the time, it was just Bob being Bob.

    • A short history of the "stand-up" with Bob Simon

      Simon was a master of the "correspondent stand-up" in his news reports and 60 Minutes stories. Here's a compilation, dating back to the 1970s.