Passings 2007: U.S. Politics/Government

/ Politics & Government

C. William Verity Jr., 89

As secretary of commerce, he pushed to recognize quality. Jan. 3.

George A. Smathers, 93

Three-term Florida senator, friend to presidents. Jan. 20.

Charlotte Reid, 93

Four-term Illinois congresswoman, then Federal Communications Commission member. Jan. 24.

The Rev. Robert Drinan, 86

Priest who represented Massachusetts in the U.S. House during the 1970s. Jan. 28.

Rep. Charles Norwood, 65

Blunt-spoken Georgia Republican congressman. Feb. 13.

Thomas Eagleton, 77

Former senator who resigned as George McGovern's running mate in 1972 after it was revealed he had been hospitalized for depression. March 4.

Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald, 68

Seven-term California congresswoman; advocated electoral reform. April 21.

Preston Martin, 83

Top Federal Reserve official; helped create Freddie Mac. May 30.

Wiley Mayne, 90

Four-term Iowa congressman; one of 10 Republicans who voted not to impeach President Nixon. June 3.

Donald Clancy, 85

Eight-term Ohio congressman; Cincinnati mayor. June 12.

Sen. Craig Thomas, 74

Three-term Senate Republican; reliably represented conservative Wyoming. June 4.

Guy Vander Jagt, 75

13-term Michigan congressman; led House GOP election strategy. June 22.

Michael K. Deaver, 69

Adviser to Ronald Reagan who directed the president's picturesque public appearances. Aug. 18.

Rep. Paul Gillmor, 68

10-term Ohio congressman; strong proponent of the military. Sept. 5.

Jennifer Dunn, 66

Six-term Washington state congresswoman. Sept. 5.

Harry Dent, 77

Former top adviser to President Nixon; helped him win the South. Sept. 28.

Rep. Jo Ann Davis, 57

Virginia congresswoman; made servicemen's needs a key issue. Oct. 6. Breast cancer.

William Crowe, 82

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ambassador to Britain. Oct. 18.

Thomas J. Meskill, 79

Connecticut congressman and governor; later a federal judge. Oct. 29.

Henry Hyde, 83.

Illinois congressman steered impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. Nov. 29.

Charles Vanik, 94

Ohio congressman who co-sponsored law to get Soviet Union to allow more Jews to emigrate. Aug. 29.

Augustus Hawkins, 100

California's first black congressman, elected in 1962. Nov. 10.

Rep. Julia Carson, 69

First black and first woman to represent Indianapolis in Congress. Dec. 15.

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