Marijuana, binge drinking, and nicotine: HealthPop Video

A new report from the CDC estimates that 38 million U.S. adults binge drink four times a month; Also, using nicotine patches or gum will not help you quit smoking for good; And, the occasional marijuana joint may temporarily impair your judgment, but it won't permanently hurt your lungs.'s Nick Dietz has the details.

On this week's Healthpop Video:

  • The CDC says 38 million Americans binge drink these days. Which age group boasts the biggest binge drinkers?
  • Are nicotine patches and gum the way to go for cigarette smokers looking to kick the habit?
  • Will smoking marijuana ruin your lungs?

Find out all the answers - plus see a clip of one night a certain producer might not want to remember - from Nick Dietz in this week's HealthPop Video.