Would you tuck in a stranger's foot that fell asleep?

(CBS News) Having your foot fall asleep is a really terrible feeling. It tingles, it's numb, you can't walk, and you basically just want it to wake the heck back up -- and you do everything in your power to bring it back to life (even if it makes you look like an idiot as you stomp around the room). However, the master pranksters at Fat Awesome have a wildly different approach. Check out people's reactions when they are asked pamper a random guy's sleepy foot, they may surprise you.

While sitting on a park bench, said prankster set up a miniature bed next to his foot. When people passed by, he told them that his foot fell asleep and asked them for their help. He needs them to tuck in his foot! Or in some cases, put its jammies on or read it a bedtime story. And to my surprise, many people were willing to help this dude out. It's really quite a brilliant prank if you think about it, playing on the weird term for what's basically a tingly, dead foot that's lost its circulation.

It seems that these dudes at Fat Awesome love to approach people on the street. But it's always in a happy, friendly kind of way. Check out their recent video of them trying to give away free money. We'll give you a hint as to what happened: No one wanted it! Guess they can get people to play with their feet, but they can't give away free money, who'da thunk it?

  • Lesley Savage