"Sabotage" by Beastie Boys recreated by librarians

M&D 2013 Sabotage from Mike and Duane Show on Vimeo.

(CBS News) Chicago-based comedic musicians Mike Ferbrache and Duane Freeman of The Mike and Duane Show have recreated the classic Beastie Boys' music video for "Sabotage" featuring a group of crime fighting librarians. Set in an actual library, these women are kicking some real book butt -- and it's pretty gosh darn hilarious. Check out the video above to see what happens when librarians take charge.

Could the casting for these librarians be any better? I am kind of obsessed with them. From kicking down doors to tucking and rolling and tackling bad guys, these ladies are not playing around. I certainly wouldn't want to meet either of them in a dark alley of hardcovers. And for your reference, below is the original Beastie Boys version. Which one is more hardcore?

  • Lesley Savage