PS3 Screens For Killzone 2, More

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Though our attempt to cover E3 completely did not work out as planned, and a few readers got angry with us for that somehow (there were only two of us, relent), we're filing through our wares to bring screenshots and more.

We'll keep updating as we get more things together.


KillZone 2


Gorgeous. Battlefield chaos has never looked better, even if these are from rendered footage (Sony says it was in real time, but we're skeptical). Let's hope the gameplay is solid and those next-gen graphics are real.



Based on the anime series, it looks like you'll be able to reign down fire and brimstone from the pilot seat of your ludicrously huge battle machine. Hopefully, Bandai will deliver.

The Darkness

Being somewhat familiar with the comic that led to this game, we're feeling a little geeky about this one. It's to be 1st and 3rd person, non-linear, and it comes from the same team that made the great The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay


Shadow Of The Colossus


If only Ray Harryhausen were at E3 to see this, he might enjoy it. An Action-Adventure game from the developers of ICO, Shadow has you hunting down Colossi in an attempt to defeat them and obtain the power needed to awaken a loved one. We really, really like this title. Think Clash Of The Titans minus Harry Hamlin. Look for it in September.

  • William Vitka