Osgood's 30th Anniversary Poem

To mark Sunday Morning's 30th anniversary, host Charles Osgood created a special "Thank You" poem for viewers.

An author as well as a TV and radio commentator, Osgood has several trademarks, including delivering many of his commentaries in verse. Other trademarks are his ever-present bow-tie and his taste for whimsy.

And he is asking those loyal viewers to think back over the years and come up with their favorite memories of Sunday Morning shows. If you have a memory to share, please tell us about it in the comments box below.

And now, here is Osgood's rhyme:

It's hard to believe, though it is true we know,

That this broadcast began thirty years ago

Week after week and year and year,

Through good times and bad, Sunday Morning's been here.

And from the beginning we've tried to be true

To Charles Kuralt's promise: "Here starts something new."

And we try to remember in all that we do

That we're not the host here. The real host is you.

We're guests in your home, and it's your space we share

And we truly appreciate just being there

And getting together each week as we do

Sunday Morning would not be the same ... without you.