Joe Biden congratulates wrong Marty Walsh on Boston mayoral win

Instead of calling to congratulate newly elected Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, pictured here, on his victory in the Boston mayoral race, Vice President Joe Biden accidentally called an aide to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy who shares the same name. AP Photo/Steven Senne

Vice President Joe Biden set out to call Marty Walsh with congratulations just minutes after his victory in the Boston mayoral race Tuesday evening.

But instead of reaching future Boston mayor Marty Walsh, he called aide to former Sen. Ted Kennedy, Marty Walsh, who is now the president of government relations firm Gateway Public Solutions.

"You son of a gun, Marty!" Biden, said according to news reports. The Boston Globe reported that the Marty Walsh at the other end of the phone line was not waiting to deliver a victory speech, but rather watching election returns with his wife at home.

"It was a nice surprise and the vice president has a great sense of humor," he told CBS News.

Biden wasn't the only one to make the error: he also received congratulations from Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

"We're a dime a dozen in Boston," Walsh told the Globe. "I probably know eight Marty Walshes."

Biden did eventually reach the correct Marty Walsh and left him a voicemail.

  • Rebecca Kaplan

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