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Checklist Medical End of Year


Print this list out each year and stick it on your fridge as a reminder.

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  • Schedule a comprehensive physical exam.

  • Immunizations. Check with your doctor to make sure everything is on schedule.

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG). Make sure your heart is strong.

  • Blood tests. These are the best tools to detect such potential health problems as diabetes and heart disease.

  • Colon cancer screening. If you've turned 50, it's time.

  • Ophthalmology exam. Protect your vision and your general health with an exam that includes a test for glaucoma.

  • Skin check. Especially if there is a history of skin cancer in your family, you should consider getting a head-to-toe once-over by a dermatologist.

  • Don't forget your teeth.
    Schedule a cleaning and dental checkup.


    Schedule a prostate-specific antigen test. It's a blood test that can be very helpful in early detection of prostate cancer.


    Schedule a pelvic exam, including a Pap smear. This is for general health and also for early detection of cervical cancer.

    Schedule your annual mammogram. It's still one of your best bets for early detection of breast cancer.