Au Revoir, Robb

Age: 23 Hometown: Scottsdale, Ariz. Occupation:Bartender CBS

After enjoying a Thai food feast that helped ease tensions and hunger in the tribe, the members of Sook Jai lost a tough immunity challenge, forcing them to vote off one of their own.

In the end, Jake, Shii Ann, Erin, Penny and Ken sent Robb Zbacnik packing. He spoke with Julie Chen Friday on The Early Show.

"What's with the new 'do?" was Chen's very first question. Robb was sporting a bleached Mohawk hair style.

"I change my hair as much as I can," he replied.

Chen wanted to know about his outpouring of emotion after the Sook Jai tribe lost the latest immunity challenge.

"It had nothing to do with strategy," Robb said. "It was genuine. I enjoy being emotional and I tried to embrace the moment."

Asked whether he knew he would be voted out, he replied, "Yes. Because of the way prior votes had gone with Jed and Stephanie. Jed and I did a lot of body surfing and tossing the frisbee. People say we alienated ourselves, but we enjoyed ourselves."

"What is your relationship with Shii Ann," asked Chen. She noted that it seemed like they didn't get along.

"It wasn't that I hated her," he said. "But her strategy was to try and blend in with everybody, and mine was to be obnoxious and just enjoy myself."

Unlike many of his fellow contestants, Robb did not enter the Survivor game because of the million dollar prize. Instead he "wanted to grow more as a person, spiritually, mentally. I want to test myself. I feel that by pushing myself, it keeps a tough grasp on my life."

"I set out to achieve happiness and figure out something about myself that I never knew existed. It exceeded anything I ever thought would happen. It was very pleasant."

Robb spoke about the infamous choking episode when he attacked Clay during a contest. "It wasn't like I went for him and to grab his neck. I just tried to grab him and throw him off the platform. I was trying to bully the guy around. I didn't mean to choke the guy out."

And he admitted he was mad at losing the challenge. "I was steamed the whole day. It's when I spouted off and flew off the handle. I was a sore loser for a couple of minutes."

Robb was voted most eligible bachelor in Scottsdale, Ariz., but "It was not as big a deal everybody thought it was," he said.

Chen wanted to know about Robb's luxury item - why did he bring a skateboard?

"I definitely got it to make a point. I was never under the impression I was going to ride this skateboard through the sand. It sort of reminded me of home and kept me happy. It made me think that I'm not really that far away from everybody."

The skateboard came in handy, too. "I used it as a pillow the first night. Kept my head out of the dirt."

As for future plans, Robb wasn't sure he would go back to bartending. "We'll just have to see what the world has to offer me."
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