Bodycam footage of Allen Premium Outlets Mall shooting released

Full body camera footage of Allen Premium Outlets mass shooting

ALLEN (CBSNewsTexas) — Law enforcement officials have released bodycam footage from the day a 33-year-old gunman killed eight people, including three children at the Allen Premium Outlets mall. 

The body camera was worn on May 6 by an Allen police officer who was nearby on an unrelated call. He responded, killing the shooter, Mauricio Garcia of Dallas.

Police are not releasing the officer's name. He is "a hero" who prefers to remain unknown as he "recovers and heals" from the ordeal, according to police. 

WARNING: Some viewers may find the following footage disturbing.  

Bodycam footage of Allen Premium Outlets Mall shooting released by CBS TEXAS on YouTube

"This video shows how quickly a routine interaction with the public turned into a life-and-death situation," Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey shared. "The officer recognized the danger, ran toward the gunfire and neutralized the threat – and for his actions, the Allen community is forever grateful."

The video was edited to blur out the faces of civilians and victims, and some language was removed. In it, gunshots ring out and the officer is heard saying, "Shots fired. Shots fired. We got people running."

Several people, including children rush by, the sense of urgency and terror apparent in their body language. 

He grabs his gun, yells for people to "Get moving!" and heads steadfastly toward the gunfire. At one point, as he's passing Garcia's silver car (the driver's side door still open) he tells dispatch, "I'm on foot, I need everybody I got!"

The loud boom of gunfire continues, breaking up the sound of the officer's breathing as he runs.

The officer then yells, "We've got a mass shooter!"

He keeps running, at one point saying "I'm by Tommy Hilfiger. I don't know where he's at!" Loud gunshots continue to ring out. About four minutes into the footage, the officer raises his weapon and shoots at someone in the distance. After he fires several more times, it's eerily quiet for the first time since the chaotic footage began.

"Shots fired by police. I got him down!"

The officer shoots two more times, and screams, "Drop the gun!"

Little more than five minutes after the footage began, the officer had fatally shot Garcia. 

Another officer approaches Garcia's body and the officer who ended the mass shooting, says, "We got him bro... we got him."

Eight victims of Allen Premium Outlets mass shooting shown CBS 11 News Texas

Executive Director of the Texas Municipal Police Association, Kevin Lawrence said the video is proof the officer had the proper training and courage to do what needed to be done.

"The multi-tasking is part of the training. You have to be ready to do all of that stuff and you need to be properly trained, equipped, and motivated. You have to already made up your mind that you are willing to take on that risk… willing to take on that obligation," said Lawrence.

On June 26, The Texas Rangers, along with the Collin County District Attorney's Office, presented evidence of the Allen Police Department's use of force to a grand jury. After reviewing the facts of the investigation, they returned a "no bill" the next day on June 27, according to a news release. That indicates the use of force (as shown in the bodycam footage) was justified under Texas law and the officer was cleared. 

In addition, the department has requested an independent review of the incident by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

In June, the Allen Premium Outlets reopened for the first time since the tragedy. The mall has added security and individual stores were given the freedom to reopen when they're ready. Outlet management is planning to create a permanent memorial to honor the victims in the coming months.

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