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​USA Freedom Kids manager is suing Donald Trump

Donald Trump trots out the cute kids 01:35

In January, the USA Freedom Kids, three girls dressed in sparkly patriotic attire delighted audiences at Donald Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida as they belted out a nationalistic, anti-political correctness song written to the tune of "Over There."

That was then. Now, the manager of the group, who is the father of the youngest performer and the writer of the song, is suing the Trump campaign over what he says is a broken agreement, according to the Washington Post.

Jeff Popick told the Post that he had approached the campaign about other performances in Florida, and the campaign agreed to two. The first event, Popick says, didn't end up taking place. He then told the Post that he asked for $2,500 for the second performance, but ended up accepting a counter-offer of a table "where the group could pre-sell albums."

But Popick said that there was no table, no provision for a table, and described the event as "complete chaos." He told the Washington Post that he had lost promotional opportunities and wasted money on materials that couldn't be displayed. Some time afterward, he said the campaign called him to offer the Freedom Kids an opportunity to perform in Des Moines, when Trump decided to skip the Fox News debate and hold his own event. Though he packed up the kids and made the last-minute travel arrangements, in the end, the gig never materialized (although the event did) and the campaign even allegedly told him not to talk to the press.

After this, Popick sought payment, just, he said, to "be made whole."

"He was passed around between staffers; calls went unreturned even after calls were promised," the Post wrote. It's not a billion-dollar lawsuit, but "I have to show my girls that this is the right thing."

In any case, it's likely the Freedom Kids will be taking their "Ameritude" elsewhere and the refrain "President Donald Trump knows how to make America great" isn't a line they'll be singing anytime soon.

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