Robots and music fuse together in "geek chic" video

(CBS News) If you love science, technology and music as much as your blogger here, then you are in for quite a treat right now. Go ahead and click play to watch these subjects all fused together in the surreal music video above featuring very real robots. It's a total trip, take a look.

The totally "geek chic" music video (our second highlighted in less than 24 hours) for the song "Pedals" comes courtesy of musician Contewho marks his third appearance on The Feed with this latest work, and who has earned himself a big triple-rainbow salute of awesome from all of us here at The Feed for this unique fusion of tunes and technology! I'm including a behind the scenes making video below for reference. And to check out more great music by Contebe sure to click here for our previous posts on him or click here to go to his YouTube page.