NPR Has 1.3 Million Twitter Followers. How Many Does Your Media Property Have?

Last Updated Oct 19, 2009 11:03 PM EDT

I can't say I've ever seen a media organization advertise how many Twitter followers it has -- until today -- but there's a first time for everything. As part of a new ad campaign touting how multi-platform it is, National Public Radio (let's skip the radio reference and just call it NPR) tells us that it has 1.3 million Twitter followers and that one million people have downloaded its free iPhone app. (Damn! If only it had charged!) In other words, NPR is a favorite with the digerati and advertisers, therefore, should advertise there.

While seeing a flagrant touting of a media property's Twitter followers is, I think, a first, this certainly won't be the last time that Twitter is used as a way of communicating just how happenin' one's audience is. If that means the media property can charge more, than maybe there's a revenue model here for Twitter. It could get a cut! Problem solved.