Cara Dickey, ex-teacher convicted of raping student, skips parole, sought by NY State cops

Cara Dickey

(CBS) BUFFALO, N.Y. - Cara Dickey, a former teacher who served prison time for having sex with a student, is in trouble once again. Dickey is on the run, and her parole officers think she may have a new victim, CBS affiliate WIVB reports. 

A woman who law enforcement officers believe is Dickey called WIVB Friday morning. The woman said she is on the run and won't return until the record is set straight.

A New York State parole officer says Dickey called an official Thursday night and said she would turn herself in, but only under certain circumstances: if her warrant is canceled, if officials stop saying she was with an underage male and if two specific officers come to get her. But authorities said no, that she has no room to negotiate, WIVB reports.

According to WIVB, parole officers recently received information that Dickey is involved with another underage boy. The caller who is believed to be Dickey said that isn't true.

Dickey is on parole for having sex with a minor. In 2009, the former South Buffalo Charter School teacher confessed to having a sexual relationship and a suicide pact with a 14-year-old student.

A law enforcement official familiar with the case tells WIVB it was Dickey on the phone, and she acknowledged spending Christmas with another woman and a boy.

According to the station, the caller said she knew that spending Christmas with her girlfriend and a six-year-old boy violated her parole. "He was in a bad situation and we wanted to have a nice Christmas for him that was the only thing."

Authorities say Dickey removed her ankle bracelet and disappeared sometime on January 9.

If Dickey is caught, authorities say she will face charges for violating parole. She was scheduled to be on parole until 2020.