Uniontown Man Poses As Federal Agent, Posts Fake Arrest Warrant For Magistrate

UNIONTOWN (KDKA) -- A Uniontown man is in custody after he claimed he was a federal agent, tried to buy a semi-automatic weapon and posted a fake arrest warrant for a judge.

Justin Bendo, 44-years-old of Fayette County, is facing several charges related to some unusual and worrisome behavior over the past few months the first came after a traffic stop.

"In July, during the course of a traffic stop, he identified himself as 'The Lord God' with no date of birth," said Lt. Tom Kolencik of the Uniontown Police. "He was arrested for that for false reports, obstruction and several traffic citations."

He also ran into trouble when he tried to purchase a weapon multiple times.

"One of our local gun shops, where he went in six to seven times, trying to purchase an AR, dressed in a hoodie, glasses, rubber boots, black pants, hoodie, attempted to purchase it without ID and the owner said he would not sell him the firearm," said Lt. Tom Kolencik. "He identified himself as a SWAT member and said he could not be denied a long gun."

Local law enforcement finally had it after Bendo posted false warrants for a local district magistrate.

"He went to the central court, posted on the door a warrant for the magistrate's arrest, identified himself as a federal law enforcement agent then came to our police department, identifying himself as a federal law enforcement agent as well and that he was a member of 27 SWAT teams," said Kolencik.

Police believe Bendo suffers from serious mental health issues and applaud the gun shop owner for not selling him a semi-automatic rifle and ammunition simply because something bad could've happened.

When it comes to cooperating with authorities, Bendo isn't interested.

"He's not talking to us at all," said Kolencik.

Bendo is currently in the Fayette County Jail awaiting a preliminary hearing.

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