Jurors hear first police interview with Michelle Troconis

First police interview of Michelle Troconis played at trial

STAMFORD, Conn. - The jury in the Michelle Troconis trial spent hours Thursday listening to her first interview with police. 

Prosecutors said Troconis was misleading and evasive. 

She's charged with helping Fotis Dulos cover up the murder of his estranged wife Jennifer in 2019. 

In June of 2019, two days after her first arrest, Troconis left court, and CBS New York's Tony Aiello called out a question. 

"Are you going to do the right thing Michelle and help the cops?" Aiello asked. 

Turns out, she'd already spoken with police the night before. Cops were desperate to find the missing mother of five, Jennifer Dulos, and to trace the movements of her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos. 

Troconis told police on the morning Jennifer disappeared she was with him at his mansion in Farmington, but over the course of two more interviews, Det. John Kimball told the jury she changed her story. 

The prosecution said she misled them about seeing Dulos the morning Jennifer disappeared. Her attorney said Troconis was exhausted after her arrest, and struggling with English, not her native Spanish. 

"She's trying to be as accurate as possible. Keep in mind this was after being up for two days," her defense attorney Jon Schoenhorn said. 

In that first interview, detectives asked Troconis about riding with Dulos to Hartford the night Jennifer vanished. She claimed she was busy on her phone as he made at least three stops to toss evidence. 

"Somehow we go around, we turn around. I'm like, why are we here?" she said in that interview. 

Troconis was with a lawyer each time she spoke to police.  The jury has many more hours of interrogation to listen to.  Will Troconis herself take the stand?  Her legal team says - to be determined.

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