The Estefan family to release their "Estefan Family Christmas" album

The Estefan family to release their "Estefan Family Christmas" album

MIAMI - The holidays have come a little early for The Estefan family with the release of their new album "Estefan Family Christmas."

Gloria has teamed up with daughter Emily and 10-year-old grandson Sasha for the first time all together in the studio.

It was a labor of love for this multi-generational musical family.

Gloria's first and only Christmas album was released 29 years ago.

"Gloria, In 1993, before these two were born, I listened to your Christmas album and still do every year at Christmas time," said CBS4's Lisa Petrillo.

"I love that and thank you!" said Estefan.

"You know, I always wanted a second album but because I've done so many albums throughout my career, the timing never worked."

But as Sasha was growing up and Gloria realized time was passing.

"I started noticing that he was shooting up in height and his voice is starting to change.  I thought, 'God, I would love to capture this moment before he goes over to the dark side," she said. 

"So I asked them to do a Christmas album. The three of us together."

They wrote new songs and recorded old classics in both English and Spanish. 

Emilio Estefan sings his first-ever duet with his grandson. 

It's all about family.

"It was like wow, we are a musical family," said Emily Estefan. 

"We put on shows for our family and we love the energy that you feel when you're on a holiday with your family. We want you to be able to feel that whenever you want."

 For Sasha, recording with his grandparents and aunt was everything.

"It was really a fun thing to do 'cause I've never done it," he said.

 Petrillo asked all three to give us a sneak peek at what it's like at their house during the holidays.

"Very loud. Everyone talking all over each other," said Gloria.  

"Food and croquettes," said Sasha.

"Music, lots of music," said Gloria. 

"Usually a little show," said Emily. 

"Performed by us, said Sasha.

We love you, Lisa, " said Emily.

"You are like family. The reason why we made this album is not only because we love each other, but we love the feeling you get when you're with family on a holiday.

"Whether it's a holiday or not, that's what matters. I don't care what month it is, listen to Estefan Family Christmas," said Emily. 

"Estefan Family Christmas" is out on Oct. 13 on digital platforms, with a hard copy release is Dec. 2nd.

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