Michigan Medicaid recipients must update information for redetermination

Michigan Medicaid recipients must update information for redetermination

PONTIAC, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - More than three million people are currently enrolled in Michigan's Public Health Emergency Benefits program, but members are encouraged to log onto MI Bridges to update their information for Medicaid redetermination.

"You can update demographic info, you can update how to contact you, if you've moved during the pandemic, if you've got a new phone number, MI Bridges is the key to making sure that you can keep your eligibility, as long as you're still available for the plan," said McLaren Health Plan vice president of strategic business operations Jeff Romback.

Medicaid beneficiaries must renew their coverage this year and officials are working to get the word out.

During the pandemic Medicaid benefits were extended to all medical assistance programs, increasing the state's caseload by 700,000.

Now, with those benefits ending in May, enrollees who no longer qualify will receive information about affordable health coverage plans.

"At that point you know there is a separation between the eligibility and then the overall funding for the plan so members are going to have to go out and update their information on MI Bridges, so the state can take a look and ensure that you're still eligible or point you to another plan that may fit for you, so that might be a marketplace plan through the affordable care act or it might be Medicare if you're otherwise eligible," Romback said. 

Members are required to update their contact information and household income.

If you get a package for renewal in the mail, make sure you sign, complete it and return it by the due date. If you no longer qualify for Medicaid, there are plans available for under $10 a month for eligible candidates.

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