General Motors' hands-free Super Cruise technology expands to 750K miles

General Motors' Super Cruise hands-free driving implemented on 750K miles of road

(CBS DETROIT) - General Motors has announced that its Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance technology has been implemented on 750,000 miles of road between the United States and Canada on their highways and interstates. 

GM's fleet includes 15 vehicles in which this feature can be activated.

It was first introduced in 2017, and the car manufacturer has been working on perfecting the technology.

CBS News Detroit got a first-hand look at the 2023 Chevrolet Suburban with Super Cruise and tested it out in Metro Detroit and Detroit for the day.

The test drive shows off the features, including automatic lane changes and what happens when the driver stops paying attention.

Aimee Ridella, with GM's communications team, rode along with us, taking us through the technology. 

She understands people may be hesitant to try the hands-free driver assistance system, but told us once people try it out, they're hooked.

Ribella also said this isn't a system where you can nonchalantly pay attention.

Drivers still need to look ahead and pay attention to the roads.

The steering wheel light will blink, and the driver seat will vibrate if the driver doesn't seem to be paying attention.

Then, if it goes on longer, the car will turn its hazards on, slow down, and call OnStar. 

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