New phone allows parents to see everything their kids do online

New phone allows parents to see everything their kids do online

BOSTON - A company says it has a solution for parents giving phones to their children for the first time.

It's a custom-built Android device called Aqua One from the company Cyber Dive. The specially made phone gives parents the ability to track everything their kids do online.

Using an app on their own phones, parents can track a mirrored version of their child's phone. That means parents can see every text their child types, what videos they are watching and which social media apps they are using.

Creator Jeff Gottfurcht says there are just too many apps out there that have become a danger to kids and Cyber Dive's phone will allow parents and their kids to have an open dialogue about what's safe and what's not.

"If we could create something that really showed parents, really what their kids were interacting with, who they're interacting with, what they're learning, what they're being taught, it would be an incredible advantage for parents to be able to talk, communicate and really strengthen their bond," explains Gottfurcht.

"The predator could be inside your house, and you don't even know it. We really wanted to address that and make something that allowed parents (to) really not get stuck in the driveway."

The Aqua One phone also comes with mental health checks which stop the phone three times a day to ask the child how he or she is doing before it unlocks.

The phone will cost parents $59 a month.

And the good news, if the phone breaks, Cyber Dive says it will replace it, free of charge.  

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