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(MoneyWatch) Twitter isn't only a great way to research your dream company before a job interview, it might even help you land a meeting. (Don't believe it? Read these success stories.) Here are some things to Tweet at a company you're interested in, from career and social media expert Heather R. Huhman, founder of the consulting firm Come Recommended.

Ask for an informational interview

Emailing is still an effective way to score a coveted "get in the door" interview, but if you can fit your request into 140 characters, Twitter can also work, says Huhman. Just be sure to mention something that draws you to the company, so they'll see that you're focused on their company, not just any company in the Twittersphere.

Try to arrange a casual in-person meeting

If an informational interview seems like a long shot with a large company, try to maximize any in-person networking opportunities, like a job fair or conference, by connecting online first, says Huhman: "For example, '@XYZCompany I see you'll be at [event name here]. I'd love to connect! Any idea where you will be located?'" At the very least, your name might be familiar to the recruiter, and you'll be that much closer to scoring a formal meeting.

Join them in chats

Participate in Twitter chats your organization attends and instantly, you're involved in a conversation. Either re-tweet an answer you found helpful, or ask them a related question directly, suggests Huhman. Taking the time to attend these virtual chats shows that you're not only serious about gaining employment at their organization, but that you're a tech-savvy candidate.

Re-tweet their content

This is a simple way to catch a company's eye. To make your re-tweet more effective, share your own thoughts on the subject, says Huhman: "For example, 'Great list -- #4 has already worked for me! RT @XYZCompany 10 ways to build relationships w/journalists.'" In addition to following the company on Twitter, subscribe to their blog so you don't miss any important content -- or opportunities to start a dialogue.

Have you ever gotten a job via Twitter? Please share in the comments section.

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