Suspects Detained in Deadly Afghan Bombing

Cami McCormick
The U.S. military has detained three people in connection with the roadside bombing in Afghanistan that claimed the life of an American soldier and CBS News correspondent Cami McCormick.

The three suspects were taken to an U.S. detention facility at Bagram Air Base after investigators gathered forensic evidence from the scene, including fingerprints from the vehicle wreckage and the discovery of explosive residue on at least one of the suspects, reports CBS News correspondent David Martin.

Shortly after the suspects were taken into custody, an Afghan official tried to convince the Americans that they had the wrong men. That piqued the interest of investigators because the cell phone of one suspect had a number for an office in the Afghan Defense Ministry in Kabul, reports Martin. There have been allegations of widespread corruption in that ministry and other arms of the Afghan government.

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The roadside bombing took place Friday. Four people were in the vehicle that was struck - the soldier who was killed, McCormick and two other troops who received minor wounds and were subsequently returned to their unit.

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The Defense Department identified the deceased soldier as Spc. Abraham S. Wheeler III, 22, of Columbia, S.C.

Abraham Wheeler, Jr., the soldier's father, told WIS-TV that he had been "dying for him to come home, but not like this."

McCormick sustained multiple injuries, including fractures to her arms and legs. After undergoing a series of successful surgeries at U.S. military facilities in Afghanistan, she was in Germany for further treatment.

She is scheduled to return to the U.S. later this week for continued treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center.