Prince George graces the cover of new comic book

He's not even two weeks old yet, and he's already a star in the comics.

Bluewater Productions has issued a special edition in its "Royals: Kate and William" series titled "The Son" in celebration of the newest addition to the British royal family -- George Alexander Louis.

The 32-page comic book includes realistic illustrations of key moments in the life of George's parents -- the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -- leading up to the historic July 22 birth.

We get to see Prince Charles and Diana as they leave the hospital with a then-newborn William in addition to one of the more tragic moments in his life. In some of the comic's pages, a 16-year-old William can be seen grieving over the death of his mother in 1997.

"The Son" also includes important scenes from Kate's life, highlighting her burgeoning role as a fashion icon over the years.

Watch the video above to see actual images from the new comic book, which is now available on Amazon.

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