View Your Favorite Sites on Your Phone with FeedM8

Last Updated Aug 23, 2007 12:00 PM EDT

feedm8.jpgMost cell-phone Web browsers do a pretty rotten job displaying Web sites, mostly because all the graphics and formatting are designed to be viewed on big screens, not little ones. Enter FeedM8 ("feed-mate" -- get it?), which fetches just the raw content from blogs, news sites, and the like, then formats it in a phone-friendly way.

You can access the service (which is free, natch) via your phone or your PC. Using the latter, just copy and paste in the URL of the site you want to view on your phone (like, oh, say, In a flash you'll get a special URL to use when you fire up your phone's browser. Of course, that can be tough to remember, so FeedM8 can also send the link via SMS straight to your phone.

You can also visit the FeedM8 site directly from your phone. The front page serves up 10 popular sites all ready for viewing, but you can also search for sites and even set up a list of favorites. This is definitely worth checking out. [via AppScout]

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