Passings 2007: Media/Publishing

/ Media & Publishing

Molly Ivins, 62

Best-selling author, columnist, a sharp-witted liberal who referred to President Bush as "Shrub." Jan. 31.

Robert E. Petersen, 80

Publisher whose Hot Rod, Motor Trend magazines helped shape car culture. March 23.

Tom Moore, 88

Helped ABC Television Network become competitive. March 31.

Johnny Hart, 76

Cartoonist whose "B.C." showed the Stone Age's humorous side. April 7.

Jack Valenti, 85

Film industry lobbyist; instituted modern movie ratings system. April 26. |

Charles William Maynes, 68

Longtime editor of Foreign Policy magazine. June 2.

J.B. Handelsman, 85

New Yorker cartoonist; used dry wit to deflate human folly, injustice. June 20.

Joel Siegel, 63

"Good Morning America" movie critic. June 29. Cancer.

Doug Marlette, 57

Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist, creator of comic strip "Kudzu." July 10. Car accident.

Bill Flemming, 80

Longtime ABC Sports broadcaster. July 20.

Tom Snyder, 71

Late-late night TV talk show host with a robust laugh, trademark cloud of cigarette smoke. July 29.

Merv Griffin, 82

Singer turned TV host turned impresario who parlayed game shows into a multimillion-dollar empire. Aug. 12. |

Ned Sherrin, 76

British broadcaster; directed influential news
satire show "That Was The Week That Was." Oct. 1.

James W. Michaels, 86

Transformed business journalism as Forbes magazine editor. Oct. 2.

Fred W. McDarrah, 81

Village Voice photographer who chronicled New York's cultural, political events. Nov. 6.

Roger M. King, 63

CBS and King World Productions executive; helped bring such stars as Oprah Winfrey to television. Dec. 8.

Rene J. Cappon, 83

Longtime Associated Press editor; the word master behind some of its best writers. Dec. 9.

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