Passings 2007: Business/Finance

/ Business & Finance

Gordon S. Macklin, 79

A founder and longtime president of Nasdaq stock market. Jan. 30.

Ernest Gallo 97

With his brother, he built the world's largest winemaking empire. March 6.

William Becker, 85

Co-founded the Motel 6 chain. April 2.

Nina Wang, 69

Hong Kong businesswoman; one of world's richest women. April 3.

Warren Avis, 92

Founded Avis Rent A Car. April 24.

Bob Evans, 89

Created namesake restaurant chain. June 21.

Baron Guy de Rothschild, 98

Managed his family's French banking empire. June 12.

Alan Pottasch, 79

PepsiCo. exec whose '60s ads dubbed baby boomers "the Pepsi Generation." July 27.

Leona Helmsley, 87

Ran a $5 billion real estate empire with her husband but became known as the "queen of mean" during her 1989 tax evasion trial. Aug. 20.

Anita Roddick, 64

Founded eco-friendly beauty retailer The Body Shop. Sept. 10.

John E. Swearingen, 89

Executive who led Standard Oil Co. of Indiana. Sept. 14.

Ralph Sturges, 88

As Mohegan chief, helped develop tribe's hugely successful Mohegan Sun casino. Sept. 30.

Vincent DeDomenico, 92

Co-inventor of Rice-A-Roni, famed for catchy TV jingle. Oct. 18.

Hans Stern, 85

Founded H. Stern jewelry empire. Oct. 26.

Roger B. Smith, 82

Led General Motors Corp.; was subject of Michael Moore's documentary "Roger & Me." Nov. 29.

Robert O. Anderson, 90

CEO of Atlantic Richfield Co. when it announced the discovery of North America's largest oil field. Dec. 1.

Ken Hendricks, 66

His ABC Supply Co., a roofing and siding supply company, made him a billionaire. Dec. 21.

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